It Feels Wrong Yet Right

Na webu jsem našla pěknou báseň, která se váže k sérii o Mercedes Thompsonové, no a protože před pár dny vyšel u nás třetí díl této série – Železný polibek, tak si myslím, že se tu tahle báseň hodí. Je to velmi lehká angličtina, překladem bych to jen zkazila. Enjoy!

Feeling Wrong And Right

It should feel wrong,
but it feels right.
My heart is torn between the two.

The first man,
His touch makes me quiver,
I melt at his voice,
His scent surrounds me,
In his presence, alone,
I lose control.
I fall further,
Only to rise again and push him away.
I feel submissive…
It feels wrong,
And yet it feels right.

The other….
I grew up with him.
He was my first love…
Or so I thought.
He was willing to use me,
Abuse my heart and innocence
Yet he seeks forgiveness
And only wants me for me…
My heart can“t ignore him.
His kisses are confusing
and powerful.
He is over protective, but more wild,
I feel for him,
I relate to him,
But do I risk letting him in again?
It feels wrong,
And yet it feels right.

Who do I choose?
I feel wrong,
But why do I feel right?

Autor: WolfSoldier25